October 27, 2022
Wine Tasting Etiquette: The Do’s and Don’ts of Wine Tasting

Adulting can be hard. However, taking a wine-tasting trip is a great remedy to break up the monotony of your daily routine.

No matter, whether you are a wine collector or new to tasting — everyone could use tips on etiquette to taste wine the way it was intended.

Now, those who are planning to visit a wine-tasting room for the first time might wonder —

‘Do we really need to make etiquette for wine tasting?’

Well, yes

Wine Tasting Etiquette: Why Is It Necessary?

There will be so many varieties of wine to taste and enjoy when you visit each tasting room.

The best must be chosen and tasted — And, you probably won’t want to ruin your experience by not following proper etiquette.

On that note, here are some of the Do’s and Don’ts while tasting wine for the first time —

The Must-Do’s While Tasting Wine For The First Time

Hold your glass properly

You should never hold your glass by the bowl, but rather by the stem — the pro way to hold a glass.

When you hold your glass of wine by the bowl, you can ruin its transparency as well as change its temperature.

Note: Take a wine that has the proper temperature, make sure that your wine is slightly cooler than the room temperature — enhancing your experience.

Take Note

While visiting a tasting room for the first time, it’s always important to take note of what you did and did not like about the wine. This will help your wine server help determine a wine that you may really enjoy.

If you know your wine preferences, you can also try some new varietals if you want a change of taste — maybe you will add them to your list as well.

Keep a Spitting Container Ready

If you’re going to a tasting event for the first time — then you should definitely ask for a spitting container.

Because, obviously, you are a newbie in this game. Your taste buds may not identify or differentiate different wines. It is perfectly acceptable to dump or spit, on what you do not particularly like. There is plenty to taste!

Attend as early as possible

POV: You’re an introvert, and you don’t like crowds, especially while wine tasting.

If this is the case, make sure to attend the tasting event as early as possible. Bonus, you will get more attention from your wine server.

Plus, you being the early taster, you might get some attention from the owner as well — who can definitely guide and help you to choose and taste wine better.

Use all your senses:

Wine tasting actually calls for more than just mere wine tasting. It’s rather a sensory examination.

While evaluating the different kinds of wine, one must not limit his/her senses, but use all of them such as the sense of smell to inhale the aroma of the wine and the sense of sight to examine its color.

Don’t forget to eat

One of the most important things that people often ignore to consider is taking a meal before checking in at the tasting room. Many tasting rooms will also offer crackers as a palate cleanser.

Eating throughout the day will help you taste and enjoy your drink for a longer period of time. Plus wine is made to pair with food!

If you haven’t eaten before, and have an empty stomach. Then you will feel dizzy after a few sips of wine.

The Must Don’ts to Keep In Mind
While Tasting Wine for the First Time

Never Use Perfume

Every delicious food item starts with a smell. And then, we eat it — we all know this.

Similarly, you need to smell the wine as well if you want to taste it more accurately.

And, it will be difficult to smell the wine for you and everybody around, if you use some strong perfume during the event.

Avoid Chewing Gums

You should not attend any tasting event while chewing gum. If this happens, the wine might taste different from the original.

Avoid Chewing Gums

You should not attend any tasting event while chewing gum. If this happens, the wine might taste different from the original.

Don’t slurp

If you are thinking of attending a tasting event then take full preparation for that event.

Take good care of how to sip silently in public places. As you draw air while sipping wine, you can magnify your taste.

But without proper practice, your sip will make awkward noises.

Don’t drink too much

You’ve tasted all of your favorite drinks — now, you probably won’t like to split them out, right?

Hence, you should understand your capacity and drink within your own limit. Otherwise, you’ll feel dizzy and can also mess up your tasting experience.

Drinking and not controlling yourself can also affect others, and may cause you to be asked to leave the tasting room.

Don’t do hard swirling

Swirling your glass of wine provides you with an opportunity to explore the complex aromas of wine enhancing the smelling experience.

However, it doesn’t have to be a hard swirling. Swirl the glass of wine gently and make sure that the wine doesn’t spill during the process.

Never Hesitate to Give Your Feedback

There will be some people who are attending a tasting event for the first time, and also some who are pros.

Don’t be afraid to share your opinion with the pro in such cases. Since valuable feedback can make a product better.

In a Nutshell

Ultimately, wine tasting is about enjoying the wine- and your day. Be careful not to drink too much on that day, and avoid driving. Hiring a professional driver is a great choice, and allows for a much more relaxing day! Email to set up your wine tastings and tour with the professionals!

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