Texas Tipsy Tours Terms & Policies

Please read these terms & policies as your participation implies that you agree to the following:

  • Texas Tipsy Tours LLC is not responsible for your health, welfare or safety any time you are outside the tour vehicle.
  • We cannot guarantee you the availability of any specific driver, while we do take requests and will do our best to honor those requests, if possible.
  • We cannot be held responsible for your activites following the tour. Please do not drink and drive. Our drivers would be happy to assist you in calling another form of transportation following the tour if you need assistance.
  • Please note that any excessive cleaning due to spillage, excessive mess or vomiting in the tour vehicle can lead to cleaning charges. We reserve the right to bill customers for any detailing and cleaning expenses.
  • Deposit: We require a 25% deposit at the time of booking. This is refundable if you need to cancel outside of 14 days. Any tours canceled inside of 14 days will not receive their deposit back.
  • General Cancellation Policy:

    Canceling outside of 30 days of your planned tour date: Your deposit will be refunded, and no charges made.

    Canceling inside of 30 days (and before five days prior to your tour): A $100 cancellation fee will be charged if canceled within 30 days of your tour to cover administration time to plan the event and help mitigate loss due to other groups being turned away.

    Canceling inside of 5 days: There will be no refunds; the tour will still be charged at 100%.

  • NOTE: Please see individual items for cancellation policies (ie Wild Thang Tour has a more strict cancellation policy)
  • You are welcome to bring your own drinks and snacks aboard the tour vehicle (please double-check before your tour that there is a cooler on the vehicle, as these are available at request). However, outside alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the grounds of the wineries, breweries, and distilleries. The tasting staff has the right to not serve anyone who appears to have been overserved. This is the law and beyond the control of Texas Tipsy Tours and our drivers.
  • If at any point the tasting staff or drivers deem you too intoxicated to visit the next location, you may be taken back early without refund.

If you have any questions, please email reservations@txtipsytours.com. Cheers!

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