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What is a “Join-In” Tour?

Texas Tipsy Tours offers join-in or group tours that allow small groups to join in with other small groups. These experiences are great for groups in size of 2-5 people. 

What is the cost of a join-in tour?

Please visit our Fredericksburg Join-In Tour (link) page for pricing. The cost is generally less than our private tours, as you will be sharing the experience with other groups. 

  • A 15% gratuity for the driver will be added to the total cost of your tour 
  • A 25% deposit is required at the time of booking. The balance on the tour will be charged 5 days prior to your tour.
What if I have a group of over 5 people?

Parties in size of 6 or more are recommended to book one of our private tours. Texas Tipsy Tour’s private tours include a private vehicle and driver, offering a great customization opportunity.

Can I customize the Join-In Tour?

No, unfortunately, our Join-In Tours cannot be customized. We have set pick up and drop off locations, as well as locations that we visit.

Can I bring outside food and beverage on the vehicle on a Join-In Tour?

Outside food and drinks are NOT permitted on Texas Tipsy Tour’s Join-In Tour experiences. We will have a cooler with water provided for you. 

What will we eat on this tour?

Our Join-In Tours do not include food. We recommend eating a big breakfast or brunch! The wineries typically have charcuterie or other wine snacks that you can purchase while you are at the winery. Be sure to order first thing, as delays are possible. Texas Tipsy Tours will not delay the tour due to delays at the wineries for food.

Where do you pick up your Join-In tours?

Our Fredericksburg Join-In Tour picks up at the Fredericksburg Visiter’s Center, 302 E Austin St, Fredericksburg, TX 78624. Uber, Lyft, and other taxi services are generally available to get you here if needed. Please schedule the ride in advance so you do not miss the tour. 

What if I am late to the Join-In Tour?

Texas Tipsy Tours leaves right on time for our Join-In Tour in order to stay on schedule. If you miss the tour start, you will miss out on the experience and will not be refunded

Can we stay later at a winery while on the Join-In Tour?

Unfortunately, no. Our Join-In Tour has a set itinerary, and we must stay on schedule. The only exception to this is if the wineries are so busy that the tasting staff cannot get you out on time, through no delay of your own. At this point, Texas Tipsy Tours will make adjust the itinerary for the remainder of the time. 

Can I join in on the Join-In Tour after the tour has started?

No, you must be at the pick-up to participate in the tour. 

How do I book my Texas Tipsy Tours Join-In Tour?

Visit our “Fredericksburg Join-In Tour” for more information on booking. You can book online, you can schedule a call at www.calendly.com/texastipsytours, or give us a call at 512-593-1858 to book over the phone to avoid a 6% service charge.

What is the cost?

Varies based on the tour. Please see tour and pricing page.

  • A 15% gratuity for the driver will be added to the total cost of your tour 
  • A 25% deposit is required at the time of booking. The balance on the tour will be charged 5 days prior to your tour. 
What vehicle will be in?

Groups of 2-5 people will be in an SUV. 

Groups of 6-14 will be in a standard Mercedes Sprinter. The standard Mercedes Sprinter has forward-facing seats in rows. Please note that the 14th seat is up front next to the driver.

We have a Sprinter Limo with wraparound seating, pending availability, for an additional $250 for groups of 6-11 people. 

What is the difference between Dripping Springs and Fredericksburg Tours?

Dripping Springs is about 45 minutes from downtown Austin. Here you will find fewer wineries but also a great mixture of breweries and distilleries. The drive distance between the locations is longer, as they are not all on a row as in Fredericksburg. The wineries are generally more boutique and casual. The Dripping Springs area is great for those looking to mix up their wine tour, include a stop for lunch (there are some great restaurant options), and want a shorter drive from Austin. 

Fredericksburg is about 1.5 hours from downtown Austin. Fredericksburg has 50+ wineries, vineyards, and tasting rooms, so it is bound to have what your group is looking for in terms of wine preference. Texas Tipsy Tours works with several preferred wineries, and we can also offer custom itineraries if you are looking for something special or unique. The Fredericksburg wineries range from boutique wineries to large Estate wineries, as you would see in Napa. However, there are fewer options to mix in breweries, distilleries, and food on the wine trail.

How many wineries/venues do you go to on your private tours?

Our full-day tours visit three wineries and include your tastings at those three wineries. Our half-day tours visit two locations and include your drinks at those locations. See specific item details for more information. 

How far is Dripping Springs/Fredericksburg from Austin?

Dripping Springs is about 45 minutes from downtown Austin. Fredericksburg is about 1.5 hours from downtown Austin. Fredericksburg offers a large selection of wineries so that serious wine drinkers will love the choices in this area. Dripping Springs is closer to Austin and offers not only wineries but breweries and distilleries, as well.

Where do you pick it up? Pick-up fees and travel time explained.

Austin Tour Experiences:

Complimentary pick up in Austin or within 30-miles of Wimberley. 

Dripping Springs Tours:

Complimentary pick up in Austin or within 30-miles of Wimberley. 

Fredericksburg Tours:

  • Fredericksburg ½ Day Tours, 6-Hour Full-Day Tour and Fredericksburg Mixed Tour: Complimentary pick up in Fredericksburg
  • Fredericksburg 8-Hour Full-Day tour: Complimentary pick up in Austin, San Antonio or within 30-miles of Wimberley. 

Texas Tipsy Tours picks you up at your hotel or house in Austin, Fredericksburg, Wimberley* and Dripping Springs*. Pick-ups outside of these locations may require an additional pick-up fee and additional time on tour due to travel time.

Additional pick-up fees from locations outside of locations above: Travel fees apply, and are a flat fee. Pick-up fees do not include additional time that may be required to complete your tour, as scheduled. Travel time is additional time that may need to be added to the tour from your tour pick-up time to drop-off time. 

This may be needed depending on the travel time to the first location on the tour. In this case, it is best to email info@txtipsytours.com with your pick-up and drop-off address so we can send you more specific information.

What is the difference between private tours and charter or black car services?

Private tours include detailed tour itineraries, reservations, and the cost of tastings as specified in the individual tour details. Tours are priced per person.

Charters (or our black car service booked through our affiliate company, Paradigm Limo) are for transportation only. The cost is charged hourly, not per person. This does not include a detailed itinerary, reservations, or payment of tastings. Guests are to make reservations and pay for their drinks on charter services. 

What are Half Day Tours

We have two different half-day tour experiences, one from Austin and one from Fredericksburg. They each are about four hours and include two tastings. 

We offer a Fredericksburg ½ day Tour with a pick-up in downtown Fredericksburg. Note: Pick-up Must be within 2 miles of the Fredericksburg Convention and Visitor Bureau, 302 E Austin St, Fredericksburg, TX 78624

Our Dripping Springs ½ Day (AM) Wine Tour and Dripping Springs ½ Day PM Mixed Tour has a pickup and drop off in downtown Austin. See boundaries map.

Note on non-drinkers (specific to tours):

We allow up to 2 non-drinkers for a group of 6+. Non-drinkers receive a 50% discount option when booking. Please note this must be booked in advance, and you cannot be refunded for this after your tour.

This is reserved for those who do not drink at all, not those who wish to buy their own drinks. If your group prefers to buy its own drinks, our hourly charter services are the best option. 

What is included in our private tour?
  • A private vehicle and driver will stay with you throughout the duration of the tour
  • Your tastings at each scheduled stop (see specific tour details for more information)
  • A cooler with water
  • Access to the stereo through Bluetooth or Auxillary
  • Reservations, where applicable, at each scheduled stop (see specific tour details for more information)
What is included in a standard wine tasting/wine flight:

A standard wine tasting includes 5-6 1-ounce pours, which equates to about a glass of wine. A wine flight generally includes fewer wines but larger pours for about the same amount of wine or a bit more. Please see the location details for whether a wine flight or wine tasting is included.

What do tours do if there is inclement weather?

Rain or Shine…(Inclement weather), the tour goes on. There are no refunds. Except in the case that the roads flood, the locations shut down, and/or we cannot get you to your destinations safely. We do have umbrellas on board, and we encourage always dressing for the weather (which means layers in Texas)! Please note that there are no guarantees reservations can be switched, but we will try to accommodate the best we can.

What are our lunch options?

Only our Wine + Salt Lick BBQ Tour includes a designated lunch stop (meal not included). Most of the venues offer charcuterie or other snacks. If you would like to include a stop for lunch, talk to our team about adding on time to your tour. Please note that this is not an option on our half-day tours.

How much time do we have on tour?

We offer various tour times from 4 hours to 8+ hours. Additional time may be added to our full-day tours. Please inquire before your tour so we can adjust the itinerary accordingly. If you would like to extend your time on the day of your tour, you will be billed for the additional time the week following your tour. Please note this may not always be an option due to scheduling, so adjusting the itinerary before your tour is better. 

How long do we stay at each location?

This varies based on travel time. However, we generally schedule and recommend at least an hour at each location.

Can we bring snacks and drinks in the vehicle?

You are welcome to bring your own snacks. We don’t encourage drinking in our vehicles since you will be drinking at the locations visited, but it is allowed if consumed responsibly. Drinks must have a top with a lid (i.e Yeti cup) to help prevent spills. We are not a party bus! Please note that both the locations we visit and our drivers and staff have the right to refuse service and bring you back from your tour early. This has happened on occasion. We also have a damages fee that will be applied if extensive cleaning is required. You can see our terms and policies here, which must be agreed to in advance of booking with us: https://bit.ly/3rDeuqp 

What do we wear?

You will not have to do a lot of walking (unless you are scheduled to do a tour of one of the locations). Please dress for the weather, as some locations are outside seating. 

Do you cater to bachelorette parties?

Absolutely! Texas Tipsy Tours loves to work with bachelorette parties. We offer a range of experiences, from add-ons to your private tour and weekend event activity packages. See https://texastipsytours.com/bachelorette-planning-services/ for more information, or schedule a call with our Service Manager at www.calendly.com/texastipsytours.

What tours do you offer for bachelorette parties?

For groups of 2-14, you can book from any one of our private tours (link to private tours page), or speak with our Service Manager about customizing a private tour. www.calendly.com/texastipsytours.

For parties of any size looking for a full-weekend itinerary of events, please fill out our Bachelorette Party Profile. Please note that Texas Tipsy Tours offers activities from various vendors that we will book for you, but we are not a full-service bachelorette event planning company. 

What other services does Texas Tipsy Tours offer for bachelorette parties?

Other than our private tours and experiences, Texas Tispy Tours offers add-ons for your vehicle and tour. We also offer to book other bachelorette activities from one or more of our listed vendors. Please see https://texastipsytours.com/bachelorette-planning-services/ for more information.

What is the cost of a private tour for a bachelorette party?

The cost varies based on the tour. Please see the tour and pricing page.

  • A 15% gratuity for the driver will be added to the total cost of your tour 
  • A 25% deposit is required at the time of booking. The balance on the tour will be charged 5 days prior to your tour. 

Our full-day Dripping Springs Wine Tour is the most popular for bachelorette parties staying in Austin or within 30-mile radius of Wimberley.

Our 6-Hour Fredericksburg Wine Tour is our most popular tour for bachelorette parties staying in Fredericksburg. 

What kinds of events does Texas Tipsy Tours provide for our corporate social events?

Texas Tipsy Tours provides social events for corporate groups that include transportation and social events such as:

  • Winery Tours
  • Brewery Tours
  • Distillery Tours
  • Party Barges
  • Axe Throwing
  • Go-Cart Racing
  • & more!

Our events are custom to your group. Please see https://texastipsytours.com/corporate-event-planning/ for more information. Please fill out this form, and Texas Tipsy Tours will put together a custom quote for your event.

How many people can Texas Tipsy Tours accommodate for a corporate social event?

Texas Tipsy Tours can accommodate groups in sizes of up to 50+, depending on date and location. Please email info@txtipsytours.com for more information. 

Can we include food in our corporate event?

Yes, depending on your preference, Texas Tipsy Tours schedules a stop for lunch, dinner, or heavy snacks. 

How do I book my corporate event with Texas Tipsy Tours?

To begin the booking process with Texas Tipsy Tours, first, fill out our Corporate Event Form. Our team will get in contact with you within a few business days. We will put together a custom quote for you, and we can tweak it based on your preferences. 

Booking & Payment:

Booking: As this is a custom booking, we will need to set up a call to complete your booking. 

Payment: A 25% non-refundable deposit is required at booking. The remainder of the payment will be charged two weeks before your tour. The itinerary (including guest count) is final at this point. 

Please note that tours and venues are pending availability and not be confirmed until a deposit is made. Thus, we recommend booking as soon as possible. 

Cancellation Policy:

A 25% non-refundable deposit is required in order to book. 

Canceling within two weeks:  Full payment will be processed. There will be no refunds or changes within two weeks. The tour will still be charged at 100%. *NOTE: We cannot accommodate any change in the number of guests within two weeks prior to the event.

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