August 10, 2021
Texas Wine Tasting: The Ultimate Guide

Wine Tasting Texas Tipsy Style

Is it your first time on a Texas wine tour, and want to know how to learn and taste a glass of wine like an expert? The gals at Texas Tipsy Tours have tasted our way through several glasses (or bottles… ) of Texas Wine. We have come up with the ultimate guide for your Texas wine tasting. So here is your excuse to open that bottle of wine at home! 

First off, know how to hold your glass! Always hold it by the stem, so you don’t warm the wine with your hands.

It’s important to always start out observing your wine. We want to take notice of the clarity and the color. The best way to see this is by tilting your glass to the side, and right at the edge, you can see the color very well. If you notice your wine is cloudy, there could be chemical or fermentation problems. On the other hand, it might be an unfiltered wine or sediment due to being shaken up before being poured. A wine that looks clear is always a good sign!

We’ve all seen people swirl their wines, and no, it’s not to make the drinker look relaxed or sophisticated. The truth is, we give our wine a quick swirl around the glass because it’s been cooped up for a long time inside the bottle. Wine needs to be “warmed up to the party,” and it needs a little air to do so. Swirling wine inside your glass lets it breathe and enhances the flavor, and releases enticing aromas. We also swirl to see the legs! “The LEGS” we refer to is the residue left on the glass after the swirl. The wine then begins to settle and trickle-down around the glass. Bolder wines will have more pronounced legs with more sugar or alcohol, but ultimately, they don’t tell you much about their taste or quality. Remember, you can swirl your wine whether you’re a newbie to the wine world or if you’ve been enjoying the good stuff for years. No special skills or fancy knowledge is required!

When it comes to smelling wine, please don’t be hard on yourself as it takes lots of practice to identify certain aromas. Don’t just rely only on your taste buds. To make the most of it, use your sense of smell, too.  Take your time on this step and enjoy it. Everyone tastes and smells differently, and there are no two tasting profiles alike. Now, get your nose down in there. Do you smell fruit or spices? The best way to train your brain is to think about a specific fruit or spice when you’re sniffing. Go down your list of wine aromas and see if you can identify any. And don’t get discouraged if you only smell wine; that’s the number one answer! 😉 We also sniff our wine to determine if we’re picking up any odors that signal something is wrong with the wine, such as old wet rags or wet dog. 

Here is a helpful list of familiar aromas you can find in wine:  

  • Herbs
  • Fruits of all sorts
  • Flowers
  • Earth
  • Grass
  • Tobacco
  • Toast
  • Vanilla
  • Coffee or chocolate

Now on to the best part… TASTE! I like to do my tastings in three sips. The first sip is the largest, and this is to coat your mouth for the initial first impression the wine makes on your palate. Followed by a smaller sip, this is where you want to take a few seconds and swish the wine around in your mouth. This allows your brain to think about what your tongue is tasting and how it feels in your mouth. You have taste buds all over your tongue and the roof of your mouth. So, ask yourself: Is it light or heavy? Smooth or crisp? Does it seem well-balanced? The last sip is for you to enjoy and take it in, focusing more on how the wine finishes—the better the wine, the more defined the finish. A good finish will linger on your palate for quite some time and will reflect the flavors of the wine or have flavors on its own.

Now think. Did you like the wine? Was this wine unique or memorable? Were there any characteristics that impressed you? Keep in mind that the best bottle of wine is the wine you like at a price point you can afford!

If there’s one tip I can leave you with, be curious and ask questions!  

Texas wineries are all about educating their consumers on their wine and its processes. With them, you’ll find an appreciation for the craftsmanship behind every bottle. And if you’re eager to learn, they’re more than willing to help.

Put those wine-tasting skills to work on your Texas Wine Tour with Texas Tipsy Tours! Taste your way through award-winning Texas wines at our preferred wineries that have been tried and tested (time and time again). Book a call with Texas Tipsy Tours team to find the right tour for you.

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