Private Tours

Private Tours

Texas Tipsy Tours specializes in winery, brewery, and distillery tours for private groups of two up to fourteen. Our private tours feature customer-favorite locations sure to impress.

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Private Tour Locations:

Our private wine tours visit Austin, Dripping Springs, and Fredericksburg venues. 

Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas, is named the “Musical Capital of the World” and offers great restaurants, bars, and a few urban wineries, breweries, and distilleries. Sixth Street is well-known for its nightlife scene. Lake Travis is a popular boating destination for the summer. Texas Tipsy Tours offers a pickup and drop off out of Austin and experiences staying within the city.

  • Feature Austin Bar Hop and Lake Travis Boat Charter


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Complimentary pick-ups are available in Austin or within 30 miles of Wimberley.

Dripping Springs, Texas

Dripping Springs is the gateway to the Texas Hill Country and is just 45 minutes outside of Austin, Texas. Due to its proximity to Austin, our Dripping Springs Tours are our most popular. Texas Tipsy Tours offers full-day and half-day winery, brewery, distillery, and mixed tours. 

  • Feature Full-Day Dripping Springs Tour & Half-Day Dripping Springs Tour (simplification of the full list of tours)
    • Dripping Springs Full Day Tour (6 Hours), Visit three locations in Dripping Springs. Choice of winery, brewery or distillery, or a mix. 
    • Dripping Springs Half-Day Tour (4.5 Hours), Visit two locations in Dripping Springs. Set itineraries feat: all wineries or a mix of locations.

Complimentary pick-ups are available in Austin or within 30 miles of Wimberley.

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Fredericksburg, Texas

Fredericksburg, Texas, is a notable wine region in Texas, and located about an hour and a half from both Austin and San Antonio. It’s wine emergence and German influence shape this charming town. It is a popular destination for couples, bachelorette parties, and girls’ weekends.


  • Feature Fredericksburg Full Day Tours & Fredericksburg ½ Day Tours (simplification of the full list of tours)
    • Fredericksburg Full-Day Tours: Visit three wineries or a mix of wineries and distilleries. 
    • Fredericksburg Half-Day Tour: Visit two wineries or a winery and distillery combination.


Complimentary pick-ups are available in Austin, Fredericksburg, San Antonio, or within 30 miles of Wimberley.

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Private - Tours - Faqs

What is the cost?

Varies based on the tour. Please see tour and pricing page.

  • A 15% gratuity for the driver will be added to the total cost of your tour 
  • A 25% deposit is required at the time of booking. The balance on the tour will be charged 5 days prior to your tour. 
What vehicle will be in?

Groups of 2-5 people will be in an SUV. 

Groups of 6-14 will be in a standard Mercedes Sprinter. The standard Mercedes Sprinter has forward-facing seats in rows. Please note that the 14th seat is up front next to the driver.

We have a Sprinter Limo with wraparound seating, pending availability, for an additional $250 for groups of 6-11 people. 

What is the difference between Dripping Springs and Fredericksburg Tours?

Dripping Springs is about 45 minutes from downtown Austin. Here you will find fewer wineries but also a great mixture of breweries and distilleries. The drive distance between the locations is longer, as they are not all on a row as in Fredericksburg. The wineries are generally more boutique and casual. The Dripping Springs area is great for those looking to mix up their wine tour, include a stop for lunch (there are some great restaurant options), and want a shorter drive from Austin. 

Fredericksburg is about 1.5 hours from downtown Austin. Fredericksburg has 50+ wineries, vineyards, and tasting rooms, so it is bound to have what your group is looking for in terms of wine preference. Texas Tipsy Tours works with several preferred wineries, and we can also offer custom itineraries if you are looking for something special or unique. The Fredericksburg wineries range from boutique wineries to large Estate wineries, as you would see in Napa. However, there are fewer options to mix in breweries, distilleries, and food on the wine trail.

How many wineries/venues do you go to on your private tours?

Our full-day tours visit three wineries and include your tastings at those three wineries. Our half-day tours visit two locations and include your drinks at those locations. See specific item details for more information. 

How far is Dripping Springs/Fredericksburg from Austin?

Dripping Springs is about 45 minutes from downtown Austin. Fredericksburg is about 1.5 hours from downtown Austin. Fredericksburg offers a large selection of wineries so that serious wine drinkers will love the choices in this area. Dripping Springs is closer to Austin and offers not only wineries but breweries and distilleries, as well.

Where do you pick it up? Pick-up fees and travel time explained.

Austin Tour Experiences:

Complimentary pick up in Austin or within 30-miles of Wimberley. 

Dripping Springs Tours:

Complimentary pick up in Austin or within 30-miles of Wimberley. 

Fredericksburg Tours:

  • Fredericksburg ½ Day Tours, 6-Hour Full-Day Tour and Fredericksburg Mixed Tour: Complimentary pick up in Fredericksburg
  • Fredericksburg 8-Hour Full-Day tour: Complimentary pick up in Austin, San Antonio or within 30-miles of Wimberley. 

Texas Tipsy Tours picks you up at your hotel or house in Austin, Fredericksburg, Wimberley* and Dripping Springs*. Pick-ups outside of these locations may require an additional pick-up fee and additional time on tour due to travel time.

Additional pick-up fees from locations outside of locations above: Travel fees apply, and are a flat fee. Pick-up fees do not include additional time that may be required to complete your tour, as scheduled. Travel time is additional time that may need to be added to the tour from your tour pick-up time to drop-off time. 

This may be needed depending on the travel time to the first location on the tour. In this case, it is best to email with your pick-up and drop-off address so we can send you more specific information.

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