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August 20, 2021
Planning a Fredericksburg Bach
I recently had the honor of planning my best friend’s Fredericksburg bachelorette party. It can be a bit daunting of a task, especially if you are traveling from out of town or state.

I recently had the honor of planning my best friend’s Fredericksburg bachelorette party. It can be a bit daunting of a task, especially if you are traveling from out of town or state. Texas Tipsy Tours is the expert in planning Fredericksburg wine tours. Our team has a lot of collective experience planning girl weekends in Fredericksburg, and we are happy to now pass off our inside knowledge and pro tips to make your Fredericksburg bachelorette planning a breeze!

We all love to see our closest friends promise to live the rest of their lives with the one they love most! But what happens when the bride asks you to be her maid-of-honor? Well, first you say of course! But then the bachelorette planning begins!

First step: Destination: Fredericksburg, Texas

Fredericksburg, Texas: Known for its small town feel and more wineries than you can count. Fredericksburg is really the perfect all in one place for a girls weekend (the guys love it, too!). With great dining options, main street with the cutest shops and tasting rooms all within walking distance, and a growing night scene with trendy bars; you can easily fill a weekend here. I personally had my bachelorette party here and would 10/10 recommend it for everyone.

Next: Planning your Fredericksburg Accommodations

The good news is that there are a wide variety of accommodations in Fredericksburg, the bad news is that there are a wide variety of places to stay in Fredericksburg. The list is exhaustive. We have put together a list of recommendations from our own experience and the word of mouth through our tour groups. See Texas Tipsy Tours’ recommendations for accommodations in Fredericksburg.

Start with what you are looking for in your stay. Do you want to hang outside? Look for a nice patio. Do you want to cook? Make sure the kitchen is big enough and stocked. Do you want to be within walking distance to main street, or prefer to be out in the beauty of the hill country? Really just looking for a place to sleep? Focus on the beds! For larger groups (8+), AirBnbs are a great place to start as they are multi-bedrooms and many are right off of main street.

BIG Step: Create Your Fredericksburg Itinerary

A typical bachelorette is Friday-Sunday, although you can pick whatever dates fit the group best. The first thing to think about when planning what to do in the time you are there is to ask the bride! Get a general idea of what she would want to do.

On one of your full days in Fredericksburg, a Fredericksburg Wine Tour is a must-do! Pro Tip: Saturdays are busy, so if possible planning your tour on a non-Saturday would provide for the best experience. Check out our Fredericksburg Wine Tour and our Fredericksburg Bachelorette Itinerary For Texas Tipsy Tours’ Fredericksburg Wine Tour, we will pick up your group at your Airbnb in one of our black car, luxury vehicles. Check out our Sprinter Limo : Upgrade for a $200 fee.

The Fredericksburg wine tour includes three wineries of your choosing from our preferred winery list, tastings are included for everyone in your group (inquire about non-drinker cost). We will take care of all the reservations and planning for the day, making it easy for you! The tour is a total of five hours, and we will drop you back off at your Airbnb or to a dinner location should you prefer. If you choose an earlier pick up, then it is perfect timing to get back, change, and get dinner going!


Keeping things within a budget is generally important for the individuals attending. In this case, make a signup sheet for foods people can bring and cook dinner in one night and/or breakfast in the morning. Budget for a dinner out the first night as everyone has been traveling and check in times are usually later in the day.

If you choose to do a signup sheet, it is a great way to share the responsibility of cooking, rather than having to take care of it all yourself – especially after some wine! After a day of Instagram worthy pics and award worthy wine, the next morning is usually check out day – have some leftover food or grab some brunch before parting ways. I chose Sunset Grill for our group the morning we left and it was the perfect brunch spot. Mimosas, pancakes, benedicts, and coffee – what more could a girl (or guy) need?

For More Information…

Tipsy Bachelorette Information

Other honorable mentions for Fredericksburg bachelorette party planning:

Theme – We chose not to have a theme, but this is totally your choice. It can definitely help when planning decorations and games. A good easy one is – Wine! Cookies, koozies, shirts, and wine glasses are all great options for gifts for the party and can be personalized for whatever theme you want.

Communication – This may actually be the most important part of planning! Some parties have people that are coming from all over, so keeping the communication open and consistent will definitely help in the long run. I started an email chain from the very beginning of planning to judge what days would work best for the group and to also share my information to contact if needed. Google sheets is a great way to create a document that all participants can access (for food sign up, schedule, etc.).

Bachelorette planning can seem like a daunting task, but with these simple steps, a Texas Tipsy Tour (where the work is already done for you), and some deep breaths, you can plan the ultimate Fredericksburg Bachelorette Party!

Decorations – I ordered this set off of Amazon and it came with all different kinds of balloons, ribbon, glue dots, a background streamer for pictures, photo props, Bride sash, and balloon air pump (The was KEY). Definitely a great buy for the price! Etsy also has a ton of personalization options if you are looking for matching shirts, cups, really anything you would need! The sets that come with more than just one thing are definitely more bang for your buck and less keeping track on your end.

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