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October 11, 2021
Dripping Springs Distillery
Dripping Springs Distilling finds its’ roots in the stories of the founder’s great-great-grandfather. The premise of these stories centered around distilling vodka for a Russian Czar. 

Dripping Springs Distilling: Good Beginnings

Dripping Springs Distilling finds its’ roots in the stories of the founder’s great-great-grandfather. The premise of these stories centered around distilling vodka for a Russian Czar.  Originally, Dripping Springs Distilling was produced as Dripping Springs Vodka by San Luis Spirits. However, the small-batch production now operates under Dripping Springs Distilling.

A Texas Distiller’s Promise

Dripping Springs Distilling is one of the largest producers in Texas. Additionally, Dripping Springs Distilling is the second oldest legal distillery. As well as the third licensed in all of Texas.

Assistant Manager, Holley Stillman, gave us some inside information on the distilling process. “Dripping Springs Distilling’s spirits are handcrafted without compromise. We don’t distill in mass-produced 1000 gallon batches. We are dedicated to the art of small-batch distilling.

We will never sacrifice the quality of our products for volume. We source the best ingredients and put them through our proprietary 50-gallon copper pot stills for a slow and meticulous production process. Our vodka is slowly filtered through very fine Swedish activated charcoal for a smooth mouthfeel and clean finish, and each of our products is finished with pure, mineral-rich Hill Country Artesian Spring Water.”

Why Dripping Springs Distillery?

Dripping Springs Distilling is the only American brand to win the Vodka Purity Trophy in 50 years at the International Wine and Spirits Competition. Because of the meticulousness and quality of their process, no doubt.

Dripping Springs Distilling is located conveniently right off of Highway 290 in Dripping Springs. Furthermore, their tasting room is a brand new space that captures the beauty of Texas Hill Country.

Inside their modern-traditional building, you will find ample seating both indoors and outdoors. The staff is knowledgeable of all their spirits. As well as what cocktail will hit your fancy.

Looking for Texas Spirits?

Dripping Springs Distilling offers a variety of gin, vodka, whiskey, and bourbon drinks. Best yet, enjoy a tasting flight of all spirits. Are you looking for a behind-the-scenes look? They offer guided tours of their production facilities (can book online on their website here). Notably, there is a PERFECT outside area that anyone would enjoy (including the littles and the four-legged).

Texas Tipsy Tours: Dripping Springs Distillery Tour

Calling all food lovers. The distillery offers farm-fresh salads to chili, to queso. Admittedly, I did not pass on the mini bacon biscuits. Trust me, you do not want to pass them up! As the weather cools down and the fall leaves start to turn, Dripping Springs Distilling is the perfect place to really get the best of the hill country. Dripping Springs Distilling hosts a happy hour every Thursday from 5-7 PM. Here you can get $5 draft cocktails and tasting flights, plus half off shareable. If you’re looking for Sunday Funday plans, they will be serving brunch from 10:30-3 PM and live music from 1-4 PM.

The ultimate stress-free venture: Texas Tipsy Tours’ Dripping Springs Distillery Tour. We take care of all the arrangements for you, pick up and drop off at your location, and provide the best service to guarantee a wonderful tour of all things distilling!

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